National non-profit partners seek applicants for two-week open application period for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief in rural Texas

Published 12:08 pm Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Resilience and Recovery Network LLC and Rural LISC provide funding and support to improve housing conditions in rural Texas following Hurricane Harvey


To The Leader

When Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas in late August of 2017, it devastated homes across the area with unheard-of rain and flooding, leaving already vulnerable rural areas with damage that still hasn’t been repaired. 

This summer, as the two-year anniversary of the storm approaches, Rural LISC and its community-based partners, otherwise known as the Resilience and Recovery Network, LLC are racing to rehabilitate some of those damaged houses in Fort Bend, Hardin, Jefferson, Montgomery, Orange, and San Jacinto counties with grants and national funding now available. These partners hope to help 300 families and homeowners in rural Texas counties put their homes back on the path towards restoration by doing mold remediation, roof repairs, electrical and plumbing system repairs, as well as HV/AC repairs and equipping kitchens and bathrooms.

“Rural areas are run by the people who live in them, so when everyone is experiencing the same hardships and storm devastation, a community is stretched extra thin,” says Suzanne Anarde, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Vice President and Director of Rural LISC, which manages the repair efforts and is coordinating the partnerships within the Resilience and Recovery Network. “Rural LISC, and our national and local partners are working in Harvey-devastated communities to implement a recovery and revitalization strategy focused on repairing infrastructure, rehabilitating housing and boosting local economies – activities that will impact the lives of countless individuals and families in rural Texas.”

“We have grant funds available to help residents return to their homes. We encourage residents to sign up to partner with us so that they, in turn, can be freed up to help someone else. It’s a reverse domino-effect of neighbors, friends, and family setting each other back upright again,” Anarde added.

The Resilience and Recovery Network has opened a two-week application window for families in need of home rehabilitation services. The network is accepting applications now through their partner organizations – Community Capital Corporation and Legacy Community Development Corporation. Residents who own homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey who lives in rural Fort Bend, Montgomery, and San Jacinto counties are encouraged to call Covenant Community Capital Corporation at (713) 223-1864 to receive a quick assessment and easy pre-qualification. Residents who own Harvey damaged homes in rural Jefferson, Orange, and Hardin counties are encouraged to call Legacy Community Development Corporation at (409) 548-0384 to get started.

“We’re committed to providing support for our communities but we’re running out of time to do good work with some of our national funding in rural Texas,” said Anna R. Hurt, Rural LISC’s Disaster Recovery and Resilience Coordinator. “Not only do we help to bridge partner work in disaster recovery and home restoration, but we also work to strengthen communities for the long term by building capacity in our areas.”

“The work we do is important and we need to reach as many people as possible within the next few weeks,” Hurt added. “Call today.”