From the publisher: Brass Knuckles Biden and Booker want to take on Trump

Published 11:05 pm Friday, August 2, 2019

Bobby Tingle, Publisher

In case you missed the Democrat debates on CNN, you should know two contenders for the nomination to be President of the United States as the Democrat candidate have found a solution to the problem of the current president.

Take him behind the gym or out to the woodshed and give him a whoopin’.

I feel better now, don’t you?

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and current United States Senator for New Jersey Cory Booker boasted this week in the debates they would like to punch United States President Donald Trump.

Is this their answer to the country’s problems?

I wonder if they use brass knuckles?

You didn’t have to watch the debates to find out about this nugget of information.  You can read it for yourself at in an opinion written by Victor Davis Hanson with Tribune Media Services.

My bride and I are not avid live television viewers.  We have discovered the wonderful world of streaming television and movies from folks like Acorn TV.

It is refreshing.

But you don’t have to look far to see what the hundred or so Democrats are promising if you give them the opportunity to unseat Trump.

The only question is which one can come up with the most things to give away.

I have to chuckle every time I hear one of them talk about making the rich pay their share.

Not one of them, who is a serious contender, is either not among the rich or not dependent on the rich to get the money needed to win.

It takes a LOT of money to get elected president of the United States.

Do you really think the rich people who contribute to get a Democrat elected are going to let them take their money?

Not hardly.

Then again, even if the Democrats lived up to their promise and took 70 or 80 or 90 percent of all the income and wealth of all the rich people and ran the federal government for a couple of three or four or five weeks at the current rate of spending they would be done.  They would use it all. Then they would have 11 or so months of the year left with no more rich people to steal from, umhh, I mean tax.

Oh wait, what am I thinking.  Our elected officials don’t need money to run the country.  They simply borrow it or print it or something.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry sort of made himself look foolish in one debate when he purported to a shutdown of several federal agencies.

But, he couldn’t name them.  He looked like he didn’t know what he was talking about.  Or maybe he has a forgetting disease. Or maybe he is incompetent.

Or, maybe it demonstrated just how important federal agencies are.

I suspect he couldn’t remember the federal agencies because they are mostly useless and simply waste time and money doing precious little.

For the moment, you can take solace in knowing Brass Knuckles Biden and Booker will take care of Trump if they can just get him behind the woodshed.

My guess is they are more likely to end up on the golf course with cigars, diet coke, and a lite adult beverage than in a schoolyard brawl.

After all, they all work for the same rich people.


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