Court tables adopting the 2019 County Road and Bridge fee

Published 6:40 pm Wednesday, July 31, 2019

By Bayleigh Swanton

The Orange Leader


Orange County Commissioners Court had a full agenda filled with items regarding the cities and different department budgets on Tuesday afternoon. The court approved multiple line item transfers for the Sheriff’s Office and Maintenance department, one for the County Judge, County Auditor, the 260th Judicial District Court and for the Justice of the Peace, Precinct Four. 

Along with the line item transfer that took place the court also approved an action regarding the effective and rollback tax rates for 2019. 

The court also discussed the action of adopting the 2019 County Road and Bridge fee, which was tabled due to the court wanting to be sure about the numbers before potentially raising any taxes for citizens. 

A bid on the property in Rose City was also accepted today for the amount of $2,000. While Tax Assessor-Collector, Karen Fisher said this property was bought for cheap, the court decided to approve the bid in order to begin a tax roll on the lot again. 

A committee was also approved today to review and score the request for qualifications for the Historical Architect/Engineer for the Courthouse Project. There was a request for two of the Commissioners from the court volunteer to be on the committee. Theresa Adams Beauchamp, Precinct Two will be serving on the committee alongside Kirk Roccaforte of Precinct Three. 

The court finished the meeting with two closed meetings regarding a pending or threatened litigation.