Gothia leads first meeting as County Judge

Published 6:37 pm Wednesday, July 24, 2019

By Bayleigh Swanton

The Orange Leader


New Orange County Judge John Gothia took his chair today on the Orange County Commissioners Court for his first meeting as the new County Judge. 

The court had a long and full agenda in which they took two closed sessions at the end of the meeting, one lasting roughly forty minutes. 

During the meeting, the court approved multiple bill payments for the county, one being a payment of $17,100 to the Marsh Waterproofing Inc. The court also approved three bids for properties sitting at 8372 Old Hwy 62, Orange for $12,500, Sandbar Road, Orange for $2,400 and 190 Roberts, Bridge City for $8,125. The sale of the property will add them back to the tax rolls.

Before the meeting, the court was asked to make a nomination, one per precinct, to elect a representative to be a part of the Hotel Tax Occupancy Committee for a three-year term. 

Brown Claybar was nominated and approved for Precinct Two, and David Rutledge was nominated and approved for Precinct Three. Nominations for Precinct One and Four are still being considered.

The court also renewed its TAC Health Group. The health insurance policy had a 9.9% increase in price while the coverage remained the same. While the price did increase the court decided this was still the best option. 

Judge Gothia made a comment about the other bids that were received saying “most bids could not touch it.”

The court concluded their meeting with a closed session with a discussion involving the Assistant County Attorney regarding a pending or threatened litigation. There was no action made regarding this closed meeting.