LSCO Maritime program growing and flourishing

Published 2:33 pm Wednesday, July 17, 2019

ORANGE — Many people are finding out how wonderful the Lamar State College Orange’s maritime program is.

On Wednesdays, novices from the public received an experience like no other as they were able to drive and steer a boat on several Transas Simulators on campus.

The LSCO maritime program’s training facility allows new and seasoned mariners to train in safe operation of all types of vessels through Texas, Louisiana and other waterways.

The agency that sets the standards for safety and training on the waterways has seen the work of Lamar State College Orange’s maritime program and is impressed.

After a recent visit to campus, Captain Jacqueline M. Twomey, Commanding Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit in Port Arthur, said LSCO’s maritime program is “an outstanding training opportunity to earn credentials that will gain you entry into a storied profession.”

“We are so impressed by the program,” Capt. Twomey said. “We’re very grateful to LSCO for what the program is doing and the great benefits it brings to our region.”

Headed by Captain Chris Horner, the maritime program has grown significantly since beginning several years ago at the college. U.S. Coast Guard-approved continuing education and certification renewal courses, including Tankerman/PIC, OUPV,STCW BST, have paved a solid foundation for even more courses to come.

LSCO’s program was recently approved by the U.S. Coast Guard to provide the 100 Ton Master and Upgrade to 200 Ton Master courses and in the Fall 2019 semester will offer an Ordinary Seaman/BST certificate.

“It’s great that LSCO is offering training to people in the industry already and to anyone who wants to improve their job prospects,” Capt. Twomey said. “It’s a wonderful, financially lucrative, noble profession with opportunity to travel the world and move ahead.”

Capt. Twomey said that Capt. Horner’s experience is “phenomenal” and an asset to the program.

Capt. Horner holds an Unlimited Master Captain license and has traveled the world on the sea. A Michigan native, Horner realized the need for maritime training in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana and opened his own maritime training school before coming to LSCO.

Capt. Twomey said improving safety and being a proficient mariner on the local congested waterways is vital as the Sabine Neches waterway tracks to become the third busiest waterway in the nation and even further growth is expected.

The LSCO maritime program is the only training program between Houston and New Orleans that can provide the necessary training for this growing industry.

To register for courses or for more information about available training, call Capt. Horner at 409-882-3032 or email