Letter to The Editor: Mueller’s report speaks “FOR ITSELF”

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Ralph Platt is my name, and I’m a 1978-graduate of West Orange-Stark High School and a military veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard… so I read very well…

…I’m responding to an article I recently read in your June 5, 2019, Wednesday newspaper: JDavid Derosier’s opinion piece that day was of his personal opinion that President Donald J. Trump was apparently ‘exonerated’ of ‘high-crimes and misdemeanors’ in the aftermath of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report submitted to Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Dept. In Mr. Derosier’s conclusion, printed on Page 6, he stated that Mueller ‘exonerated’ Trump on Obstruction of Justice. However, according to the findings of Robert Mueller’s report, only ‘collusion with Russia” there was “insufficient evidence” to charge Trump “with a crime”, not Obstruction of Justice.

Mueller listed at least 10 incidents of Trump committing that crime! I read the entire report, as has many others – Republicans AND Democrats. Please, Mr. Derosier: Be Honest…

(Mr. Mueller’s report speaks “FOR ITSELF”)


Ralph L. Platt