Letter to the editor: OC Democrat Chair should resign

Published 2:01 pm Monday, June 17, 2019

Dear Editor

I am so darned mad right now I could spit. I have lived here in Vidor since I was born in 1949. I have served my country in the rice patties of ‘Nam and been a good father and grandpappy. I still plant my gardens every summer and pray in church every Sunday. Unlike lots of my neighbors, I stayed a yellow dog all my life. Proud of it.

But this week I have to say that I regret it. I saw that article in the Leader about Cathy from Pine Forest and Louis Ackerman. And I feel mad about it. I fear Muslims that might hurt Americans and I will admit that.  I fear that they do not have the love of Jesus Christ in their hearts. And feel that Cathy Nagel was voicing her fear and our fear when she said that they are dangerous. They are, remember 9-11

Then I read that Louis Ackerman said that all Vidor people is racist. Excuse me, but you sir are the one with hate in your heart. If I said all blacks or Mexicans were lazy, you would call me a racist. If I said that I felt that Muslims and Jews need Jesus, you would call me a bigot. If I said something about the gays, you would scream with your liberal arrogance that I hated the gays.

But why is it okay for you to call all white folk from Vidor racist?  You became a racist against white people who had nothing to do with your beef, boy. And that has made me mad. I think Louis that you should do what you demand on the facebook of other racists and bigots and resign your post. You need Jesus to enter your heart like he did mine, and let go of your hate


Rusty Carter

Vidor, Texas