Time with children is most important

Published 1:06 pm Saturday, June 15, 2019

By Bayleigh Swanton

The Orange Leader


Cody Knott, of Orange, will be celebrating this Father’s Day with his seven-year-old son, Cameron, and his wife of 12 years, Holly.

On top of raising his son, Cameron with his wife Holly, Knott is also involved in his church community and strives to be an example for all. Knott is a board member for the First Church of the Nazarene off of MLK drive and helps lead small groups throughout the church, helps keep people connected and be a role model to others.

Knott always strives to find as much time as possible to spend time with his son.

Knott believes that being involved in your child’s life is one of the most important things parents can do.

“One of the most important lessons [I’ve learned being a father] is the time you need to spend with them,” Knott said. “It is a struggle we all have. Between social media, technology and just life in general, sometimes it’s hard to put those things to the side. But the most important thing is the value of the time you spend with them. Not just buying something for them or doing something for them. If it means playing a video game with him, getting on the floor and wrestling with him, or stopping what I’m doing to go do something that he wants to do. It’s really about pouring real time into his life.”

Knott and Cameron enjoy fishing and playing basketball the most in their free time.

Knott said that some of the best times when being a parent is seeing your kids have their small victories that are the stepping stones in life.

“It feels better to watch him catch his own fish than it does for me catch one on my own,” Knott said. “Just watching him have little victories in his life [are some of my favorite memories]. The little victories like when my wife and I were sitting on the couch one night and saw him pull up, stand up and take his first steps. It’s watching those small victories that give you a lot of fulfillment and joy.”  

Pouring time into his son’s life at his influential age now is something Knott finds very important. Being able to be a good influence and someone his son can look up to is what Knott strives to be. Knott uses his religion as a guide in order to make sure he and his wife are doing the best for his son.

“Get your kids in church,” Knott said. “Pray with your kids, read the Bible with your kids and invest positive time, and a positive influence in their life. As they get older, if they’re around negativity and bad influences, sometimes they grow into that naturally. I understand religion is not for everyone, but for [Knott and Holly], all the positive things we can instill in him now will help him when he grows up. As they get into their teenage years, your influence is a lot less. So, create an influence when they’re young, so your influence will be stronger as they get older.”

Coming home to his family after working out of town, Knott is reassured of the positive influence he has on his son, which keeps him working harder for his son’s future.

“Last week, when my wife and my son picked me up at the airport, [Cameron] wanted to be with me,” Knott said. “He kept missing me and telling me ‘I don’t want you to go anywhere.’ I don’t think those things happen if you’re not being a positive influence every other time.”

Knott and Holly follow the saying preached at the church of ‘Intentionality.’ Reminding them to always be intentional with what they are doing when raising their son rather than going through the motions.

Knott encourages other fathers to be intentional with their kids, and also with their spouses.

“It’s important for the dads to always be on the same team as the mom,” Knott said. “It’s not just about you. Your influence together is just as important as your influence by yourself.”

Although being a father has its challenges, Knott is grateful for his family and all the love they give.

“Always tell your kids you love them,” Knott said. “Like, all the time. Really make sure they know that.”