Orange County marriage licenses issued June 10- June 14, 2019

Published 10:16 pm Friday, June 14, 2019

The following couples were reported to have obtained marriage licenses in the office of Brandy Robertson, Orange County Clerk, during the week of June 10- June 14, 2019:


  • Jimmy E. Folsom and Wendi S. Pate
  • Nathan K. McCarver, Jr. and Hailey M. Samuels
  • Willie M. Franck and Brittany C. Burns
  • Jason T. Almaguer and Olivia Y. Mendoza
  • Jake H. Nash and Sarah J. Ragsdale
  • Damioun W. Apodaca and Jalee G. Neff
  • Derrik A. Tregre and Kelsey B. Arnold
  • Robert E. Chancellor and Rhonda D. Ross
  • Michael S. Forsblade and Sandra G. Wilson
  • Darren C. Bland and Kori L. Smith