Moving Forward in His Purpose!

Published 3:00 pm Friday, June 14, 2019

Mayor Larry Spears, Jr

To the Wonderful Citizens of Orange, Texas


It has been an honor and a blessing to represent each and every one of you as Mayor of the City of Orange, Texas. Last month, marked the anniversary of my official first year as your Mayor and I must say that it has truly been an experience that I will always treasure. In the first year of my assignment, we focused on three very specific directives from the Lord involving Positive Motivation, Encouraging Participation and Leading by Example. I truly believe that this entire community has done a remarkable job of joining together as one and utilizing the positive direction in a way that has truly pushed us into a new direction. The atmosphere has changed, the mindset of many has been transformed and now we are beginning to witness opportunities that we never thought were possible for little old Orange. Unity, Hope and a brighter future for allare now the main topics of discussion and I promise you that this is only the beginning.

Now that the second year is underway, I truly believe that we must shift our focus in order to continue to establish and solidify the blessings that God has positioned our community to receive. The focus and objective for year two will be centered around “Accountability and Responsibility”. The first year brought about a positive outlook which has uplifted the vision and thought process for our community but now we must focus to deliver results. This call to action is not solely on the shoulders of the City Council and Staff but to every able-bodied citizen that is willing to help us redevelop and improve this town we call home. Get involved, Volunteer, be Proactive and make the Difference that you want to see for it will take a certain level of Accountability and Responsibility from all of us in order to reach the full potential that God has already implanted within this community. Currently, there are over 45 projects underway throughout the city limits that will enhance, as well as position us for future growth. I could never express enough how proud and thankful I am for each and every member of City Staff, from the Department Leads down to the most recent new hire for their hard work and dedication to improving the City of Orange, Texas. Orange, Texas is more than just a city, we are a family and this community will continue to grow and prosper for Matthew 19:26 tells us that “With God all things are possible”.

This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the future of Orange, Texas!



Larry Spears Jr.

Mayor of Orange, Texas