Letter to the editor: High Electric Rates

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ladies & Gentleman of Orange County:


You have been ripped off for many years by Gulf States Energy!!!!!

I have just moved here from Lufkin, TX (Angelina Co.)

Angelina & Nacogdoches counties up to Tyler have TXU and other companies that a person is able to get a quote & cheaper energy rates. Not to mention that these companies will give Senior Citizens discounts and special pricing for the disabled.

When the politicians ask for your vote, let them know they can have it only if people are able to get cheaper energy.

Also, when you go from one energy company to another in good standings, you are not required a deposit.

How much money did Gulf States Energy receive from the flood? Has it been shared with the customers?


Cordially –


Luther Barrow