Time capsule unearthed: It was buried 25 years ago

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 5, 2019

By Bobby Tingle

The Orange Leader


Mike White, Ron Borel and Ida Schossow wracked their memories Saturday morning attempting to remember the contents of a time capsule buried in February of 1995.

“I was part of the club in 1995 when the capsule was buried.  We are trying to remember what we put in it. I know one deceased member left a surprise item,” White said.

No one present could remember for sure any of the contents.

When asked what they thought was inside several guests ventured a guess.

Denethia Gravett, Rebecca Davis, and Denethia Thompson enjoy brunch at the Brown Center Saturday morning prior to the unveiling of the Orange Rotary Club and Lamar State College-Orange time capsule buried February 23, 1995, on the grounds of the center.

“Inside? A newspaper, a toy popular at the time, it would be nice if they had a Cardinal Mood album since they were part of Lamar University then,” said Denethia Thompson.

Thompson explained Cardinal Mood was a vocal group at Lamar who recorded several albums during the period.

“Wow, 1995, I think there is a cassette tape of music from the 90s, Donna Summer, and a floppy disk.  Something to do with Ronald Reagan. He was married to that lady on Bonanza, wasn’t he?” Orange City Council Member Annette Pernell guessed.

Research conducted by Keleigh Dempsey and Alicia Jones, on the spot, shed some light on Pernell’s guess.  Reagan was married to Jane Wyman who played on Falcon Crest, a daytime soap opera.

“I bet there is something from West Orange-Stark,” said Lynn Nix.

Finally, the moment arrived.  

There were two vessels.  

Inside were many interesting pieces.

Here is a sample:

  • The 1994 edition of The Orange Leader Best of Orange County special section listing the best people, places, and food in the county.  
  • a plastic jar with sand from Omaha Beach in Normandy;
  • a recording on a cassette from KOGT labeled Orange, My hometown;
  • a business card from Becky Grant of Orange Savings and Loan along with a pen from the same;
  • a key to the city from Mann Insurance;
  • a DARE TO SAY NO card signed by Ken Ray and James King from the DARE committee.

Sandra Dickey, former Dean of Allied Health holds up a copy of a Lamar University-Orange campus publication commemorating their 25th Anniversary. She is in the photo featured on the cover of the newspaper.

“That old dummy is so outdated, they are so lifelike today,” observed Sandra Dickey former Dean of Allied Health at Lamar. Dickey was referring to the copy of a Lamar University-Orange campus publication commemorating their 25th Anniversary found in the time capsule. She was featured in the photograph with a dummy used in teaching nursing.

“I am really curious to see what is on the VHS tape left by Orange Rotarians labeled the 75th anniversary.  There is another one of the Brown Center,” Said Natasha Garrett current Rotary Club president.

‘This is magnificent. bringing the community together with this time capsule.  We were Lamar University-Orange 25 years ago and it is exciting to see how far we have come.

Dr. Thomas Johnson and Mike White hold up several items contained in the time capsule unveiled Saturday, June 1, at the Brown center.

I see so many things inside the capsule which reminds me of Charlie Wilson who I worked for.  We are blessed to have Daniel Moreau and Natasha Garrett who can carry this forward into the future of Lamar State College-Orange and Orange Rotary Club,” President of Lamar State College-Orange Dr. Thomas Johnson said.

The contents of the capsules are being cataloged and prepped for permanent historical preservation.