From the Publisher: Why Orange is a good question

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Bobby Tingle, Publisher

Moreaux Transportation Services owner Daniel Moreaux is interested in finding the answer to a good question.

Why Orange?

Seems simple enough.

Moreaux is using the weekly lunch meeting of Rotarians to get a feel for why folks are high on Orange.

Tuesday, he scheduled Granger Chevrolet Vice President Dean Granger to get his take on the question.

Granger willingly obliged.

Optimistic is the adjective I would use to describe, in a word, the message he delivered.

It seems optimism is, in fact, running high around town.  Some not all, but hopefully most, even a majority, see the Orange glass half full.  It is the optimist’s perspective.

Granger did some research prior to making his presentation.  He found people stay in one spot for a variety of reasons.

Either they lack mobility, or have family ties or just have roots so deep it would be painful to pull up and go.

He also found the qualities, which make a community attractive.  Social offerings are important; people like to connect with other people to work toward common goals.

Folks want to live in an area where the community is open and welcoming.  Orange is a close-knit community. It is not difficult to get to know and be on a first name basis with cashiers and doctors.

Natural beauty is important.  Groups like Keep Orange County Beautiful and their efforts to combat littering make a valuable contribution.

When you talk aesthetics and Orange you can’t overlook natural treasures such as Shangri La and the many tree-lined streets around town and out in the more rural areas.

Culturally, you have to take into account first-class venues such as the Lutcher Theatre and the Stark Museum of Art.

When you stop and take stock there is much Orange has to offer.

Economically, Orange is poised to take on some big projects.  The infrastructure, land, and people are here.

Some wise person once said, “Success is where preparation meets opportunity.”  

I do not know if Richard Laws created those wise words or if he passed them along from someone else.  But I heard it from him so he gets credit.

I expect much preparation in Orange will soon meet opportunity leading to success.


Bobby Tingle is the publisher of The Orange Leader.  You can reach him at