Commissioners Court removes two buildings from flood insurance policy

Published 2:11 pm Wednesday, May 22, 2019

By Bayleigh Swanton

The Orange Leader


Orange County Commissioners reviewed the list of buildings that will be covered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), removing two Orange County building, the Sheriff Substation at 375 Claiborne and the WIC building at 365 Claiborne.

Due to the county having no feedback from FEMA, the court agreed to not renew the insurance policies for the two buildings. The buildings have not been condemned by FEMA, but are in a designated flood zone.

“Until we actually receive funding from FEMA, if the county was to do anything to the building, it would be premature,” Kurt Guidry, the county’s maintenance director said.

With the future of the buildings being up in the air, Commissioner Robert Viator Jr. of Precinct Four does not believe renewing the insurance of the two buildings is needed.

“If we’re not sure exactly which way we’re going, I don’t see paying insurance on them,” Viator said.

Although the buildings were remodeled and raised after past floods, one of the main deciding factors in this decision was the WIC buildings still sitting a foot below elevation. The Court decided to cancel the two policies and will look into renewing them, depending on the funding from FEMA.

The court ended the discussion with the selection of a new insurance policy that will give a 10-percent increase of building coverage and 5-percent increase on content coverage.

The court also designated May 20 – May 24, 2019, as Flood Awareness Week during the Tuesday afternoon meeting.