Positive Highlights: It begins at home

Published 8:57 am Monday, May 20, 2019

Mary Ekene

In a day where everyone and everything seems to be so cold and negative, let us show a different image for our children.  The Millennials of our generation are running amuck.

Parents are not holding their children to a standard that was shown years ago.  The children now days are stubborn, disobedient, lazy and disrespectful. Most of them feel like they are entitled to what is given to them; they use this as a means to feel like they should not work for what they want. But the question of the day is, “Are they the only ones to blame?”  It starts with US, the parents.

Yes, as parents, we expect when our children go to school, they should be receiving the proper form of education. But it is not only the teacher’s responsibility to make sure our kids are learning etc. because that teacher is not the only resource in that child’s life.  

I see parents complain about teachers not doing their jobs, but the children are coming to school cursing the teachers out, fighting other children and showing signs of bullying, etc.  They are so quick to say that is the teacher’s fault and what to blame the schools. It takes a village to raise our children, but parents have to also know they are responsible for their children’s behavior, attitude, work ethic, etc. because it should start at home.  

Yes, there are some parents who are doing their best and their child or children may be a challenge to raise, but we as parents cannot afford to give up on our youth.  There are too many detrimental events taking place where children are not being protected. Some of our kids are not getting love at home, not being fed, being molested, being abused, using drugs, having babies, etc. because of the simple fact, SOMEONE GAVE UP ON THEM.

So, it is important to find solutions to the problems and show these Millennials it is time to be motivated, obedient and respectful when it comes to their learning abilities and their lives.  

Parents, teachers, counselors, and our communities, let us encourage our youth and be that positive example to lead them in the right direction.

They are truly our future.


Mary Ekene Activist for Bring Positivity Back/ Founder/Owner of Livol