BOOK REVIEW: Blue Yarn spins a tale of recovery

Published 3:03 pm Monday, May 13, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


A divorce, loss of home and job, in a country not one’s own and wondering when things will start to get better just as they take another turn for the worse is Blue Yarn.

Yet, the tale is more than watching one’s world fall apart and knowing one does not have control over it.

Carrie Classon weaves the yarn throughout the pages while drawing one in closer. The book turns from reading to a conversation with a friend over a glass of wine while inspiring hope for a better future as she navigates through the turmoil of life after loss.

Classon was not expecting her husband to tell her he wants to separate. She actually expected talk of travel and seeing the world as they lived abroad.

In classic signs of grief, she was in denial that her love and life with her husband could actually be over. She told no one, not even her family of the separation.

Finding herself homeless and jobless during this time turned into experiences she needed so she could find herself again.

Discovering in the process where she had made mistakes in her ‘perfect’ marriage and also reintroducing herself to, well, herself.

Blue Yarn shows anything is possible and better things await on the other end of ‘disasters.’

Carrie Classon' postscript, the orange leader

The Postscript:
By Carrie Classon

Carrie Classon is an author, columnist, and performer. She champions the idea that it is never too late to reinvent oneself in unexpected and fulfilling ways. Blue Yarn proves it.

An inspirational read.

Blue Yarn, published by Black Rose Writing in Texas, is available online at Barnes And Noble and on Amazon