Sand bags avaialble

Published 1:46 pm Friday, May 10, 2019

PRESS RELEASE — Orange County Emergency Management is currently monitoring the weather situation; the amount of rainfall that was predicted to be spread over a three day period fell overnight with 6 to 8 inches severely saturating the soil.  We continue to have the risk today through Saturday of another 2 to 3 inches with some isolated areas receiving up to 6 inches. There are several road closures due to flooding throughout the County please take precautions and be aware of barricades.

Sand bags are available:

Precinct 1 County Maintenance barn located on North Hwy 87 at North Teal

Precinct 4 County Maintenance barn located on 375 Claiborne Street

Residents are welcome to bag the sand to use to protect their home from rising water. Bring your own shovel

B.A. Steinhagen Lake is currently releasing at 22,500 cfs and Toledo Bend Dam is currently releasing at 35,094 cfs. There is moderate flooding occurring on both the Neches and Sabine Rivers so please take precautions if you live on these river basins. We will update as events unfold.