Two Runoff Elections for Orange City Council

Published 8:42 am Wednesday, May 8, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Orange City Council candidates will face off again in June as both District 4 and Place 5 At large positions were not decided on the May 4 election.

For those who will be on vacation during the early election and election day will need to contact the Orange County Election Administration at 409-882-7973 to apply for mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots are not automatically sent out on years primaries are not held.

For Single Member District 4 incumbent Annette Pernell will face Mary McKenna in a runoff election. Pernell had 100 votes giving her 35.09-percent of the votes while McKenna had 140 with 49.12-percent of the votes. With more than two persons running for the seat, the winner needed to have 51-percent of the vote to be declared the winner.

For At Large Member 5 position also has a runoff between Caroline Mazzola Hennigan and incumbent Bill Mello. Hennigan received 402 votes with 39.33-percent of the votes and Mello had 293 votes giving him 28.67-percent.  

Early voting will begin on June 3. Election Day will be June 15.

West Orange-Cove Consolidated School Board election results determined Demetrius Hunter returning for another term.

“My heart is in Orange. I love our community,” Demetrius Hunter said. “Thank you for the support. You won’t be disappointed.”

Eric Williams/The Orange Leader
Demetrius Hunter waits for election results on Saturday. He won with 531 votes. The other two winners for the West Orange Cove Consolidated School Board are Linda Platt-Bryant with 246 votes and Gina Simar with 495.

Hunter was the only candidate at the WOS Administration Building on election night waiting for the results.

Demetrius Hunter won with 531 votes. The other two winners are Linda Platt-Bryant with 246 votes and Gina Simar with 495.

Hunter and Platt-Bryant were incumbents in the race.

Bridge City Bond Issue was another closely watched election on Saturday.

The bond issue lost with 1,604 against to 726 for.

Bridge City ISD Superintendent Todd Lintzen issued the following statement concerning the School Construction Bond:

The results of the 2019 School Construction Bond are not what the district expected. We will continue to provide the best education possible for the students in Bridge City ISD. I sincerely appreciate the hard work by the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, Bridge City ISD staff and Bridge City ISD Board of Trustees. While this is a setback for our school district and the students, we will continue to explore opportunities and partnerships to achieve the necessary resources to educate our children.


Saturday night election results are:

Mary McKenna

Orange Council

Single Member District 4 – Runoff Election

Need 51% to be declared a winner

Mary McKenna           140  49.12%

Annette Pernell*        100   35.09%

Annette Pernell

Alan E. Mesecher                  45  15.79%






At Large Member 5 – Runoff Election

Need 51% to be declared a winner

Caroline Mazzola Hennigan  402  39.33%

Bill Mello*                                     293  28.67%

Charles Ray Thomas                          242   23.68%

Bill Mello

David C. Bailey                                          85  8.32%


West Orange Council FINAL

City Council

Randy Branch*                     122

Patty Cook                                     59

Brent Wearing                        94




Kimberly Stiebig                     277

Ken Crawford                                100


 Ward 6 

Jane Hill                                256

Ken Luce                                   104



 LCMCISD Board of Trustees FINAL

Position 6

Josh Fisher                            234

Dr. Chris Riedel             296


 WOCCISD Board of Trustees FINAL

Linda Platt-Bryant*               426

Demetrius Hunter*                 531

Gina Simar                                 495

Kianna Edwards-Brooks               277

Russell Holt                                     277


Bridge City ISD FINAL

Place Five

Jerry McInnis*                             1,281

Cory L. Mitchell                                     881


Bridge City School Bond Issues

For                    726      31%

Against      1,604    69%


Vidor ISD School Board

Position Four

Paul Davis                          221

Gina Van Devender  436


* Incumbent