Community unites to love one another

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 4, 2019

Dawn Burleigh, Editor

Dawn Burleigh 

The Orange Leader




Residents of Orange County gathered at the steps of the courthouse on Thursday to observe the National Day of Prayer.

The annual event began with song lead by Steve Waites of First Baptist Church Orangefield. 

County Judge Carl Thibodeaux read the proclamation the court passed on Tuesday. 

“The Bible verse chosen for this year is John 13:34 which says, ‘Love one another, just as I have loved you,” Thibodeaux read. “Scripture tells us again and again that our fervent prayer is effective. That our loving God responds to His Children’s earnest pleas in mighty ways that avail much and ultimately determine the course of history.”

Thibodeaux added it was a great day.

“More prayers are what we need and less arguing,” Thibodeaux said.

Laura Kimbball, the organizer of this years event, gave the national, world and country prayers.

“Our Heavenly Father, we look to You alone for the future of America. By Your providence, You have placed each of us here at this time in history to be in this nation. Thank You for this blessing. Thank You for America,” Kimball said.

Orange County Republican Chair David Covey gave a prayer for State.

Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Pullen gave a prayer for the city.

“Make us God fearing and God loving country again,” Pullen said.

A prayer for the schools was given by Orangefield ISD Superintendent Dr. Stephen Patterson.

Leslie Henson prayed for family.

Jay Thomas prayed for military.

Mark Trebeck prayed for our first responders.

The event was followed by silent prayer and a song.

The annual event is held each year on the first Thursday of May. Each year the president issues a proclamation to observe National Day of Prayer.

“Our Nation’s honored tradition of prayer has sustained us and strengthened our trust that God will continue to watch over and accompany us through the best of times and the darkest hours.  May we as Americans never forget the power of prayer and the greatness of our Creator.  On this National Day of Prayer, let each of us, according to our own faiths, call upon God for His guidance and express our gratitude for the love and grace He bestows on us and our country,” according to the proclamation signed by President Donald J. Trump.

“Today on the National Day of Prayer, as people of all faiths and churches join together in hope and prayer for our great nation, we celebrate the power of prayer and our unique American freedom to worship,” U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Thursday.

“We pause to lift up those who are martyred for their faith in places of worship across the globe,” he continued.

 “We recognize that without the blessing of divine providence, our human institutions and plans would be for nothing,” Cruz added. “I invite all Texans to join me in prayer for this nation: that we may care for the poor and vulnerable; that we may defend the innocent and seek justice for the wicked; and that America remains a beacon of freedom in the world.”