Landing Gear – the popular new dish at Blue Birds Fish Camp

Published 1:57 pm Thursday, May 2, 2019

By Bobby Tingle

The Orange Leader


Blue Birds Fish Camp has been an icon on the banks of the Sabine River since at least the 1940s.  In the beginning, it was primarily a bait shop.

Oscar and Sonia LeBlanc expanded with a restaurant at the location, which opened six weeks before Tropical Storm Harvey.  

Like so many places in Orange County, Harvey was a set back for the restaurant.  But they have come back stronger than ever and moving forward with an extended seating area overlooking the Sabine River.

“I recruited our cooks from Lake Charles,” said LeBlanc, “they have been cooking all their life and know what it takes to make food taste good.  We have customers drive here from Lake Charles to eat.”

Bobby Tingle/The Orange Leader
A view from the Blue Birds Fish Camp restaurant’s dining room area.

Alvin and Evella Laverne have 35 years of cooking experience and handle the cooking.  

Rodney Harris manages the restaurant.

Harris is proud of their menu.  They are famous for their hamburgers.  But recently, they have added pork chops and chicken wings to go along with their brisket burger and other menu items.

LeBlanc is innovative.

“You should try our new appetizer.  We call it Landing Gear. It is a platter of fried shrimp heads and is more popular than our hamburgers,” said LeBlanc.

Blue Birds is located at 102 North Farragut in Orange.  

The view from their back dining room is awesome.