The Democrat Party is protecting us from bias, or so they say

Published 2:19 pm Monday, April 29, 2019

Bobby Tingle, Publisher

By Bobby Tingle


Recently the number of contenders to be the nominee from the Democrat Party to run against President Donald Trump in 2020 grows daily.

At last count, there are 20-plus who feel they can replace Trump to be the next President of the United States (POTUS).

A diverse array of candidates has declared their intentions.  They will endure the public scrutiny, the rigors of campaigning and the incessant need for cash.  They will need thick skin as they expose themselves to insults hurled by their opponents. For now, those are likely to come from their own tribe.

But if you are a ‘dyed in the wool’ Democrat, you just can’t help but think you got a better plan and the way to execute and implement said plan is to gain the highest office in the land, POTUS.

Of course, the same is true if you are a Republican.

Campaigns are grueling.

Campaigning for national office like POTUS is 50-times more grueling than running for statewide office whether in an immense state like Texas or California or in a smaller northeastern state.

Candidates use large venues where they assemble large crowds and ‘stump’ from a grand stage filled with adoring supporters who display placards while dressed in campaign garb.

They use email, phone calls, focus groups, data analysts, managers, advisors, and spouses to gain insight and direction.

They declare their pedigree or the pedigree they want the public to perceive, seeking the adoration of voters.  They declare their intentions to choose a running mate with a worthy pedigree too. Usually, they end up with someone who complements their perceived inadequacies.

They are careful and scripted, usually.

Some recent campaigns have veered off the course.  

Candidates have ignored the traditional display of decorum necessary to be declared ‘presidential’.  They have gotten nasty, calling their opponents names while seeking to sully the reputation of that person or those persons competing against them.

Bottom line is, it is a nasty, grueling and costly venture.

But the Democrat National Party is protecting us this round from bias. Or so they say.

Should we be grateful?

It’s doubtful they have our best interests at heart.  Most likely they are protecting their own.

They have declared a certain news network unworthy to host public debates where candidates assemble on a common stage and answer questions from the hosts.

This round, your exposure to the candidates, will be filtered.  You will only be allowed to see candidate debates and town halls hosted by the unbiased chosen by the national party.

If they have ‘waffled’ on that position, I am not aware of it.

We should be wary.

Can a political party really point a finger of blame declaring a person or organization biased?

Isn’t a political party in its essence based on bias?

I believe the real reason the Democrats are protecting us from bias is that they are unwilling for their candidates to be exposed with the hard questions from probing, analyzing and insightful hosts.

They prefer to keep them ‘protected’ in ‘safe zones’ where only ‘safe’ questions are asked.

Their decision, if they stick with it, is the very definition of bias.

Don’t be fooled.

Politics is actually quite entertaining.

Campaigns from time to time produce groundbreaking projections of notorious and worthwhile information.

But for the most part, they are carefully scripted messages delivered by candidates surrounded by adoring voters.

The entertainment comes when they jab, poke, belittle and demean their opponent.

The nastiness of it all disgusts some folks.

But this round at least one party will at least protect us from biased hosts.

You ‘gotta’ love politics.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader.  You can reach him at