To the Wonderful Citizens of Orange and surrounding Communities

Published 8:00 am Sunday, April 21, 2019

So here we are, the middle of April with the first quarter of 2019 in the history books.

Let me start by saying what a year it has been thus far and I know that I am not alone in recognizing yet appreciating the whirlwind that we have experienced together. I use the word “Together” for I truly feel that this community is working to pull together our resources for the betterment of all.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote an article which headlined “No Treadmills in 2019”. Now almost 4 months later we must realize that this is the “Critical Moment”, we are in a position now where we cannot afford to slow down or let up.  

The positive shift and movement that so many of us have prayed and strived for have taken our cities and county to a new level of hope and positive outlook for our future together.

This Critical Moment must be utilized as a moment to reflect, regroup and keep pushing for we aren’t there yet. There are several amazing projects on the horizon for Orange.

There are limitless opportunities and possibilities for our community but we must continue to push forward and utilize our individual talents to reach those goals.

In my honest opinion, I truly feel that this is “Only the Beginning”!

I truly believe that greater is knocking on the door. We must continue to prepare and ensure that we as citizens are eligible to receive the gifts and blessings that God wants to continue to pour out on our lives and this community.

When I say it is only the beginning, I know that there is so much more ahead for us all. I know that God has given everyone a purpose and that it is up to us to use our untapped potential to glorify his kingdom.

To everyone that has been blessed to hold a position of leadership, please remember that this is an assignment. Everyone is born with a purpose but not everyone is born with an assignment.

We must keep God first in all that we do follow by fairness and equality for all.

The Critical Moment is nothing to be afraid of for it is actually an opportunity to move forward in boldness. Let us all continue to work together as a community of inclusion, where everyone is someone of value and no one is left behind.

We have come so far in such little time but I know in my heart that this is only the beginning of greater for the City of Orange and for Orange County!

Be Blessed and Happy Resurrection,

Larry Spears Jr.

Mayor of Orange, Texas