Madelynn’s birth and Messiah’s resurrection

Published 8:00 am Sunday, April 21, 2019

Bobby Tingle, Publisher

By Bobby Tingle

It is the season we commemorate the death and resurrection of the Messiah.  At His incarnation, a host of angels broke out in song in the heavens as the shepherds in the field stood watching in awe.

He was begotten not made, according to the Nicene Creed, meaning the Messiah is not a creature, though He was born of a woman.  His nature is identical to the Father’s. Yet, He condescended and was born into this temporal world we call home.

He began as a baby, He grew and became a man, He traveled about teaching and healing, He was eventually betrayed and crucified.

We celebrate His resurrection each Easter.

Madelynn was fearfully and wonderfully made nine months ago.  She has grown and developed at an alarming rate since.

Her heart began beating after several weeks.  Her internal organs began functioning. Her arms, legs, fingers, toes and every other created component in between has been fully functional for several months.

Now it is time for her to enter the same temporal world as the Messiah.

Prior to His death, the Messiah hosted His closest followers to a supper.  He fed them bread and wine. He instructed them to partake of the same often in commemoration of His work.  The bread would be a sign of His broken body. The wine would be a sign of His spilled blood. By partaking of these signs after His ascension His followers would remember and reflect on His marvelous work on their behalf.

His followers are eternally indebted to Him filling them with joy.

Madelynn is the eighth of eight grandchildren on one family tree.  She has yet to make her appearance as of this writing. But the time is imminent.

Her emergence will be the next phase of the love and care she has already known.  She, too, will bring joy.

She has all the creature comforts in place for her parents to facilitate her comfort, growth, development, and maturation.

It will be a journey for sure.

One day she will dye eggs with her cousins or siblings and possibly knock eggs to see who has the strongest.  She will hunt for eggs in a field to place in a basket then eat chocolate candy and sugary peeps.

For now, we patiently wait for her birth.

Like the Messiah, her temporal days are numbered.  For now, they are yet to commence. But soon she will crawl then walk, laugh and cry, bring joy and some heartache.

But in the end, here is hoping she will remember the Messiah, as we will commemorate her birth each year.

Happy Easter!


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