Safe vehicle operation is priority one

Published 2:11 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2019

By Bobby Tingle

The Orange Leader


Collision avoidance, lane centering, and lane departure warning systems are becoming a part of life when purchasing a new vehicle.

These features rely on radar and image processing technology.  Collectively these systems are called Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems or ADAS.

Automobiles are equipped with this emerging technology to keep us safe on the road.  Routine maintenance such as a front-end alignment can adversely affect these systems and create a hazardous situation rather than a safe one.

“Sensors must be set up with accurate target values to aim within proper parameters,” said Steve Kovatch. “After routine maintenance or a collision repair, these safety mechanisms must be recalibrated.”

According to Kovatch, no other independent shop in Orange County is delving into this technology.

“I will be expanding with a new building to provide this unique service.  I expect to be up and running this summer,” said Kovatch.

Kovatch is a skilled technician who keeps abreast of emerging technology and provides the latest in diagnostic and repair tools to keep your auto operating as designed.

Kovatch specializes in imported automobiles from European and Asian manufacturers.

Drop by Steve’s Import Auto Repair at 2105 Western Avenue or visit his website for more information.