Pernell seeks to continue in Position 4 seat

Published 6:39 pm Saturday, April 13, 2019

My name is Annette Pernell, and I have been a Member of Orange City Council off and on since 2011. I have worked long and hard for positive change in the City and inclusion for all.

People have often heard me talk about the love I have for District 4, especially the Cove, and the challenges that we continue to face.  The main challenge comes from lack of understanding. When the four single-member districts were formed, it was the City’s responsibility to ensure the Citizens knew and understood the dynamics of having a Councilmember to address their needs/concerns. Since then, we have more Citizens today who remain in the dark as to who they can call on for help.

Today’s political climate finds the Citizens of Orange talking about trash that continues to accumulate, roads that are defective, ditches that are overgrown, vacant lots, dilapidated buildings, abandoned buildings, lack of street lighting, poor lighting, and funds to take care of this and more. We are also faced with the Elected Officials in Austin who are writing legislation to cap the revenue City’s can obtain in which to run the Cities more effectively and efficiently. (Property Tax Relief) – All of this boils down to getting the most bang for your tax dollar bucks.

My record of working for the good of the Citizens is as follows:

  • Presented the City Council with documentation and a demonstration for the use of voting machines (2011) – It took eight (8) years but we now have voting machines;
  • Organized a Town Hall Forum to address the concerns of a Confederate Monument on MLK which resulted in an Ordinance Change for the size and height of a flag, and denouncing the Sons of Confederate in the City of Orange;
  • Council began receiving a monthly email listing the Permits issued by the City in an effort to keep Council updated;
  • Implemented changes in the giving of money to organizations that help the City improve the lives of Citizens (gave more money to the following Organizations):
  1. Friends of the Orange Depot;
  2. Stable Spirits;
  3. Gift of Life; and
  4. Lutcher Theater… to name a few.
  • Updated the lighting on Orange Avenue to brighter bulbs;
  • (Pending) Installation of additional lighting on Pine Avenue;
  • (Pending) Decorative Light Poles in District 4;
  • Prepared and distributed letters to the small business owners in the city of Orange to receive Zero Percent Interest loans to help their businesses recover from Harvey (As a result, the City of Orange had the largest number of small businesses to attend and receive help);
  • (Pending) Reached out to Southeast Texas Regional Planning to continue the request initially made by former Mayor and Councilmember, Essie Bellfield and received notice of the safety sidewalks and lighting along McArthur Drive;
  • (Pending) Use of the inmates to clean-up the blighted/trashy areas in the City;
  • (Pending) The City of Orange to Host the Upcoming TML Region 16 Meeting in our City (June 2019);
  • Helped Citizens to receive recovery money services after Hurricane Rita;
  • Spoke with General Land Office and helped secure two days where the GLO came out and took applications from people in the City of Orange to receive help/funds as a result of Hurricane Harvey;
  • Two-Time recipient of the Leadership Fellow Award; and
  • Obtained the training credits to become A Certified Municipal Official.

My current concerns include:

  1. Transparency of City spending;
  2. Updates are needed on the City Website to include what the City provides, who to contact and more…;
  3. Board openings/recruiting more citizen participation; and
  4. The need for more diversity within the Employment of the City, Fire Department and Police Department (the workers for the City should reflect the people who live in the CityAt ALL Levels).  

My passion for social justice, making a tangible difference in the community and resolving people’s problems make me the ideal choice as your Representative (Councilwoman) for District 4.