Stiebig seeks mayoral seat in Vidor

Published 5:00 pm Monday, April 8, 2019

My name is Kimberly Stiebig and I am running for the position of Mayor for the City of Vidor. Since being appointed to the position of Mayor by the city council in January, I have enthusiastically thrown myself into the role. It has been an honor and my pleasure to serve the citizens of Vidor these past few months and my desire is to continue this service for the next two years.

Being a lifelong resident, I graduated from Vidor in 1985 and have raised my children here. Being involved in the community has always been a part of my life, whether through school activities, little league or volunteering.

This past year, I have served on the Vidor Planning and Zoning Commission and helped pass a comprehensive land plan that has been adopted by the council. This will pave the way for mapping that will allow for zoning in our city. In addition, I sit on the executive board of Orange County Disaster Rebuild, being a charter board member from the organization’s inception. My passion has been in helping people recover from the effects of Harvey and this organization has given that opportunity to me. I have brought that passion over with me as Mayor and feel the importance of continued recovery in our city.

I strongly believe in economic growth and community development. As we continue to recover and build a stronger infrastructure, our focus should be on the growth of our community. This growth is not in just bringing in new business, it is in rebuilding and improving the ones that are already here and it is readjusting our thought patterns into a spirit of positiveness instead of dwelling on negatives.  In supporting Vidor’s Pride and Progress Program, one of my focuses is to continue to bring our city out of recovery mode and into the beginnings of future prosperity. I would like to see business owners and citizens alike taking pride in their establishments and homes, cleaning them up and giving our city a facelift. We have much to offer, we need to present those offerings at their very best.

We have some of the best organizations in Vidor with leadership that is insightful and focused. I am pleased to team up with entities such as the Vidor Chamber of Commerce, Eastgate loves Vidor, Nehemiah’s Vision, Vidor ISD and so many others that want to promote Vidor and bring our community to its full potential.

My focus is on our future. I want to continue this forward progress, paving the way for a tight-knit community that is ready to receive the abundance that will come from this unity and growth. This is a legacy that we can leave to future generations of Vidorians. We do not need to leave these future leaders with extreme problems to fix, as we have seen happen in the past. Instead, we need to leave a solid foundation for them to continue to grow on, one that benefits the community as a whole and ensures the prosperity of Vidor.

I want to be your Mayor because I love Vidor and I want to continue to serve this community. I feel that I have the passion and drive to fulfill the duties that come with this position. Thank you for your support.

Mayor Kimberly Stiebig