Our attitude determines our altitude

Published 8:00 am Monday, April 8, 2019

By Demetrius Moffett

Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series coined the quote, “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

Although Captain Jack is a fictional character, the quote is very powerful and very real.

Though our life we are going to experience ups and downs. We will experience conflicts and challenges. It’s our attitude that will determine the altitude of our position and posture once we have come through it.

First, we need to understand that every encounter we have whether conflicts and challenges, we will come through it, we will get through it.

Our attitude will determine the state we are in once we come through the pressures and stressors of life.

If we take a negative attitude toward the problem our altitude will be low or even have us grounded.

In taking a positive attitudinal approach to our problems will allow for us to come out soaring.

What determines our attitude? How do we view our concerns? Are they conflicts or challenges?

The only thing we can control is our attitude, how we respond to the challenges of life.

One mistake I found early in life is that I thought because I handled a situation a certain way, others should handle the situation the same. Our attitude toward things is composed of how we view life and ourselves.

If we want things to bother us it will.

An airplane leaves the runway. It begins to elevate only to encounter turbulence. The pilot makes the decision to climb above the clouds, taking the position above the problem. They could have chosen to battle through the bumpiness. They could have chosen to descend and fly at a lower speed. Choosing to rise above the problem allows for passengers to experience a smooth ride and less restriction over the course of travel.

Having an attitude to deal with the core of problems and shake it off will allow for us to stay above the problem.

Your Attitude is key to the altitude of your success.


Demetrius Moffett is Senior Pastor of Orange Church of God, 1911 North 16th Street in Orange.