Can you smell the color seven?

Published 8:00 am Monday, April 8, 2019

I have written about the number 7 many times in this article.  

My Father-In-Law use to love to print out the scriptures that talked about “7’s”, and hand them out to anyone that would take his pamphlets of papers.  He found it fascinating that God used the number 7 so often in the Bible, and things in our world such as the colors in the rainbow, musical notes, chemistry, etc.  

If you look in Webster’s dictionary you will find the word “heptad” which means “a group of seven”.  

The number 7 is mentioned in the Bible at least 735 times and means completeness or a finishing.  

I was studying sevens and ran across Dr. Ivan Panin’s discovery, and I thought about a Christian song called “Can you Smell the Color Nine”.  

Dr. Panin’s discovery is so bizarre, just like the title to this song.  Unsure why the artist used the number nine in this song, other than it rhymed better than seven?  After all, 7 is God’s favorite number, and it is a Christian song.

Dr. Panin, back in the 1800s discovered something called Heptadic Structure in Matthew 1:1-17.  (There are still a lot of skeptics about it, but Dr. Panin was a Harvard graduate and dedicated 50 years of his life to this study.)  A Heptadic Structure is a signature of sorts of 7’s, showing only God could accomplish this, which proves beyond anything, that the Bible was written by God.  

I say that because if we humans, try to set this up with only 9 of the rules, it would take us over 3,000 years even with a supercomputer.  And I’m quite certain Matthew did not have a supercomputer.

The way Matthew, as well as Mark, Luke, and John, are identified as a Heptadic Structure is as follows:  

The number of words, letters, vowels, and consonants must be divisible by 7.  Also, the number of words that begin with a vowel or consonant, or that appear more than once, must be divisible by 7.  The number of those that occur in more than one form, or only one form, must be divisible by 7. The number of nouns shall be divisible, and only 7 words shall not be nouns.  As well as others, the number of male names shall be divisible by 7.

So, before I lose you with more rules, if I haven’t already, this is exactly how Matthew 1:1-17 is set up in the Greek.  

They figured, if you had 9 of the above rules to follow, it would be a 1 chance in 40 million, that it happened on accident.

So, if you can smell the color seven, you might be able to accomplish this task.  

God did this in all 4 Gospels, in Greek, using different rules, for the genealogy of Jesus Christ.  The only two languages that have a numerical value is Hebrew and Greek, and the Greek writings of the Gospels work out to be divisible by 7!  And the more rules you have verses chances, are staggering.

Dr. Panin found 75 rules, but if you only have 35 of these rules and a supercomputer, working at 400 million tries per second, it would take over 4 million years to come up with the outcome.  

So, those people who say God is not real or did not write the Bible, have not done their homework.

Here are a few great Youtube videos for those that would like to know more: or