Company actively involved in community receives recognition

Published 10:09 pm Saturday, March 30, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader

In recognizing the partnership between Jefferson Energies Companies and Orange County, Wednesday, March 27, 2019, was proclaimed Jefferson Energies Companies Day in the county.

In four years, the company has contributed close to $12 million in support of OC and other entities, which created 500 jobs, directly and indirectly, created or strengthen hundreds of other jobs in OC according to a proclamation read by OC Commissioners Court.

One company, which is a subcontractor, does fabrication. Before Jefferson Energies, it was 7,000 square feet and is on the tax row $23,000 in value. Now it is 48,000 square feet and on the tax row $415,000 in value. Ninety percent of the employees live in Orange County, according to a recent Orange Leader article.

Also because of the company, Highway 90 was widened and at zero cost to the county, citing another way the company has impacted the county.

Jefferson Energy is also committed to hiring local and contract with businesses within the county. As such, it has become involved in the community both professionally and personally.

“Judge Carl Thibodeaux wand the court in 2014 were supportive by giving us a $250,000 abatement,” Government Relations and Public Affairs, Jefferson Energy Companies Mark Viator said. “The courts since then have provided $150,000 in additional abatements. We are thankful for all the county support and grateful for to the leaders.”

Commissioner Robert Viator Jr. said, “You asked if we are business friendly. You asked twice recently. I want to make it a clear yes.”

“Thank you. It is important to keep Orange County growing,” Judge ProTem John Gothia said. “I was there when the first shovel of dirt was turned over.”