Newton County Sheriff Reports 3.25.19

Published 3:26 pm Monday, March 25, 2019

PRESS RELEASE — Pretty good week around here last week. Let’s see what went on.

Friday, we had a nine-hour man hunt. Officers got Larry Land stopped in the Liberty Community. We had felony warrants on him. He was handcuffed and placed in the backseat of a patrol car. Make a long story short, he escaped out of the car. Nine hours later we got him. Thanks to all who helped including the tracking dog from Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office.

We had a couple fires over the weekend that threatened several houses. Lots of fire departments and firemen were called out and they saved the day. Our volunteer firemen are invaluable. Thanks goes out to all. They have had a busy week.

We had several calls this week about mailboxes being damaged or being knocked down. Anyone know anything about this, please let us know. We would love to know who’s doing this.

We had six calls this week about livestock being out. Please keep your cows on your property.

Our K-9 Dog, Bruce, has been very sick. We took him to Texas A & M and they operated on him. He had a twisted spleen and almost died. After surgery he started having problems with his heart. He’s home now and doing better. He needs about 3 weeks sick leave. We are going to have a fundraiser for Bruce’s medical bills. More to Come.

We had a call where several lions were trying to attack a man’s horse. It’s not zoo lions, it’s African lions. He called back and said the big lion just killed two little lions. He called back again and said there is 15 300-pound lions out there now. The next day he called back wanting to make a complaint. He gave us the name of a man who sold him some bad dope! The drugs are making him see things like tigers, snakes and lions. We received more calls about seeing tigers with gray stripes and other things. Job Security!

Got to go: Thought for the week: Watch something funny. Laughter is great medicine, especially for what worries you. Ya’ll have a great week and if we can help, just holler. God Bless.