Hunter seeks WOCCISD School Board seat

Published 12:49 pm Sunday, March 10, 2019

Consistency is key.

A firm school district requires firm representation.

Why are we running?

The race isn’t politics, this race isn’t popularity, this race is personal. As a resident, parent, and an employee of a city that houses one of the greatest educational institutions, it is the highest priority of this campaign to join the many of you who seek to preserve and redefine the greatness that’s rooted within WOCCISD.

There are children who need to know that their lives matter beyond the schoolyards or the bus stops. There are parents who must be reassured that the bright future they’ve envisioned for their child is being reinforced and enhanced. There are school district colleagues and supporters alike who must see that their value has not decreased and their commitments are not in vain.

This isn’t a race to the finish line, but a race to a starting point. Every child must encounter the strength and joy of having a great starting point, as that is the launching pad into a better tomorrow. It is within the classrooms, the hallways, the gyms, the cafeterias, and the libraries where future lawyers, doctors, teachers, and Presidents found their inspiration. The investment must be reinvested and we must do it consistently through consistency.

We are running a different race, with the same face.


Demetruis Hunter is a candidate for the WOCCISD School Board