Tractor Supply Company Chick Days Event helps novice chick keepers start their flock

Published 11:19 am Saturday, March 9, 2019

To The Leader


We can all agree – food should taste good, but for a growing number of people, there’s more to the story. Where did the food come from? How was it grown or raised? Many people have decided to answer those questions themselves by taking the leap and producing their own food, even on a small scale. As a result, the popularity of backyard poultry ownership has exploded.

Raising poultry is the perfect way for anyone to take an active role in producing your own food. From caring for chickens to collecting their eggs, raising poultry is an enriching experience that helps people feel more connected to the food they consume. It is not only satisfying, but also creates responsibility, enhances lawn and soil quality, improves mental health, and perhaps most appealing, produces homegrown food that you control.

“People may be surprised by what they can do at home if they want to cultivate their own gardens or feel connected to where their food comes from,” explained Tiffany Denter, poultry supplies buyer for Tractor Supply. “By keeping backyard chickens, people can embrace this lifestyle no matter where they live, reaping many physical and mental benefits. And when it comes down to it, nothing beats a fresh egg right from your backyard!”

For those new to owning chickens, Tractor Supply is hosting its Spring Chick Days Event at stores nationwide through the end of April. The 10-week springtime event features live baby chicks and ducklings along with the supplies needed to begin or grow a backyard flock.

In addition to providing the tools and equipment to those ready to raise their own birds, Tractor Supply also serves as a great poultry resource, offering guidance ranging from proper handling to the importance of hygiene to ensure the safety of yourself and your flock.

In select states, customers can purchase a minimum of four chicks with the flexibility to mix and match with ducklings. Tractor Supply offers a variety of breeds, from Rhode Island Reds and Sapphire Gems to Easter Eggers and Silkie Chickens. In addition to purchasing chicks and ducks in-store, Tractor’s Chick Days features a one-stop shop for all the items needed to begin the process, including quality feed ranging from conventional to organic, bedding, feeders and drinkers, heat bulbs and lamps, coops, and more, along with the guidance of expert Tractor Supply team members.

Outside of Chick Days, Tractor Supply stores are stocked year-round with the items needed to properly raise and care for backyard poultry. Enthusiasts can visit to shop an expanded selection and year-round availability of poultry products and live birds.

Visit for Chick Days event information, expert tips on safe handling and care for poultry, building a chicken coop, and more. Backyard poultry rules and regulations vary by city, county, and state, so check with your local government before purchasing. Learn more about chick and duckling arrivals at Tractor Supply by following Tractor Supply on Facebook or by visiting your local store.