BUILT FOR CUSTOMERS: First Financial Bank opens new location

Published 10:28 am Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Founded in 1952, First Financial Bank now has a new home and headquarters at the corner of Park Ave and 16th Street in Orange.

“Seventeen months and 200 inches of rain later,” First Financial Bank President and CEO Stephen Lee said with a laugh at the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Connection Thursday morning.

“We are so happy and proud to partner with the city,” Lee said. “Our new location for years to come gives us a regional presence as this is the headquarters for our branches.”

Today, First Financial operates multiple banking regions with 72 locations in Texas. It is continuously offering new, more convenient ways to bank with state-of-the-art services and technology, according to its website.

“We were founded in 1952,” Lee said. “Our first home was in the Holland Hotel across the street from the Jack Tar. Jack Tar was the Sandals of the day right here in Orange.”

The bank employs 30 people at the location.

“We prefer to say Bank Family,” Lee said. “This was built for our customers and the community. We designed it to accommodate them not us.”

Lee added he was overwhelmed by the support with the number of people who attended the Breakfast Connection.

Over 100-plus people attended to the event. So many, the chamber opted to not have everyone introduce themselves as is traditionally done at these events but did encourage people to network.

It is the second building G&G Construction has built for the financial institution.

“It is the most beautiful in the network, “ Lee said.