Talking about parenting: Providing a united front

Published 6:20 pm Sunday, March 3, 2019

Chris Kovatch

By Chris Kovatch


I had the opportunity to attend Golden Triangle Days in Austin earlier this month. It was my first time to attend this event and while I had a high-level view of what to expect, I was still apprehensive about the role I would play in this event.

The future of Orange County and our surrounding counties is very important to me. I want to ensure that my children have a good quality of life, career opportunities, and to have a sense of pride of where they are from and live.

The amount of planning that went into this event was extremely evident. The partnerships between the counties is what makes us a force to be reckoned with. Do we have stances that vary on issues? There’s no doubt about that. The decision to provide a united front to our legislators speaks volumes. A delegation of approximately 350 persons demands attention. Once that attention is received, the counties are able to discuss what impacts them specifically.

To say that we should be proud of the delegation from Orange County is an understatement.

There was such a diverse cross segment of our community present. Elected officials such as Commissioners John Gothia and Johnny Trahan and Orange City Councilwoman Terrie Salter, Mayor Larry Spears, Jr.; to Orange County EDC Executive Jessica Hill; to a number of private citizens and business owners with a vested interest in Orange County made up our delegation.

Ultimately everyone present was there for the same reason they all want Orange County to be the best it can be. This goal is one that takes everyone moving in the same direction. It wasn’t about individuals, it was about Orange County.

Enticing businesses to our area is truly an art and is a process that takes time to fully reach their potential. It is also something that should command our attention. Businesses generally look for areas that are appealing to them. We should do our best to ensure that Orange County is an area that does everything within its power to welcome businesses. The future looks bright for Orange County, but it will truly take everyone working together to make these projects become reality. We can all do our part. Maintaining the appearance of our community, being active in community support efforts, or stepping up to lead are just a few ways that you can make an impact.

I truly believe events like Golden Triangle Days are vital to our area growing. I thank all those who realize the impact it has and takes time to attend. Your commitment to the community appreciated.

At the end of the day, let’s all be a part of making Orange what it should be. We are all a piece of the puzzle and it takes all of us to fully realize our goals.