OC Master gardeners gift roses to Depot

Published 6:46 pm Saturday, March 2, 2019

To The Leader

Members of the Orange County Master Gardeners planted 14 hearty rose bushes in the park adjacent the Orange Train Depot Museum, on Wednesday, as a generous donation to the Friends of the Orange Depot.

ON Monday, Clyde Davis, a rosarian from the county, gave the Gardeners instructions on trimming and digging up the roses located in Cormier Park in Orangefield.  

According to member Sandra Hoke, also a volunteer for the FOOD organization, these roses were chosen from a large group of rose bushes that were planted six years ago as a rose trial experiment with Texas A & M AgriLife.  She said they chose the ones which had adapted to the Orange climate the best for the Depot Park, growing with only rain occurring naturally, with no aid from a sprinkler system.

Those Master Gardeners who helped with the transplanting were Sheri Bethard, president, Sandy Rawls, Kay Donnelly, Caroline Van Pelt, Gwen Ochoa, Shelly Borel, Catherine Powers, Linda Womack, Dolly Gauthier, as well as Hoke.  The group plans to care for the newly transplanted roses through their break-in period. Frey’s Nursery also assisted with planting assistance.

Carrie Woliver, president of Friends of the Orange Depot, said that the organization is truly thankful to the Master Gardeners for this magnificent gift toward the beauty of the Depot grounds, and knows that many visitors through the decades will enjoy the park because of the attractive roses.  

“We love to collaborate with other groups in Orange,” she said.