County shows off new voting machines

Published 9:49 pm Saturday, March 2, 2019

By Michael Cole

The Orange Leader


Orange County Elections Administration showed off their new Express Vote voting machines to the public, on Thursday, at the Orange Public Library.

The public got a chance to take the new machines for a spin and ask questions

Donna Alford explained how the machines work.

New Express Voter Machines

“Now when you go to the vote you will be given a blank ballot that will have barcodes at the top,” Alford said. “You insert it in the slot and use the touch screen to make your selection.”

“At the end of the voting process you are shown a screen that will allow you to review your choices and go back and make changes,” Alford continued.

She added, “Suppose, like in a School Board election where you are allowed to pick two or three candidates, you only pick one, here you are told that you undervoted and can go back to change it.”

Once you review your changes and tell the machine to print your ballot, you have one more opportunity to double check things.

“If you look at your ballot you see that it printed each vote you cast,” Alford said. “You then just put it in the ballot box and you are finished.”

Alford stated that the ballots are counted at on election night much the same way as the old voting system.