Injured woman found on side of road

Published 5:55 pm Tuesday, February 26, 2019

By Eric Williams

The Orange Leader

Police are on the hunt for the person who assaulted a woman in Pinehurst or what may have happened to her.
The victim, a white female in her possible 30’s, was found along the 3000 block of Park Street near Camelot around 6 p.m. Saturday by a resident after she was walking and fell.

Officers with the Pinehurst Police and Fire Department arrived and scene and found the victim on the side of the road with severe injuries Saturday evening.
The woman was incoherent and could not tell first responders what had happened to her. Its not sure if she was hit by a car or assaulted according to first responders on scene. As first responders assessed the woman she complained about having severe neck pains.
As a precaution, Acadian Air Med Helicopter responded to a near by landing zone at the Baptist Hospital helipad and transported the victim to a Beaumont hospital in serious condition.

Pinehurst Fire Department attended training classes the previous Thursday for medical helicopter landings. Training which came in handy during the incident.
While police have not yet revealed many details as far as what happened, they will continue their investigation.