A word With Bobby

Published 7:46 pm Saturday, February 23, 2019

Cecil Atkission to host Family Fun Day

By Bobby Tingle


You could win a kid’s 12V battery powered Toyota Tundra 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday, March 23 at Cecil Atkission Toyota.  Back to School Orange will lock arms with Cecil employees to provide a fine family fun time.

Back to school Orange will hold a link sale to raise funds to be used to provide school supplies for area children.

Cecil Atkission Toyota will have a raffle for the Toyota Tundra.  Cecil customers will be treated to free food.

A live DJ will keep the airwaves moving and grooving to the beat.  Bounce houses will provide an outlet for kids to bounce away some of their youthful energy.  Gamers will be treated to video games on a truck with room for twenty-five.

It is a customer appreciation event for Cecil Atkission Toyota customers and a chance to contribute help fund a good cause: providing school supplies for students.

Come join the fun!


‘Liquor Laws Liberalized in Vote’


Such was the headline in The Orange Leader’s Sunday, December 5, 1976 edition.

Leader reader Peter Lynd of Bridge City and his wife found the old copy of the Leader while doing some spring-cleaning.

“I like the price of tires back then.  Some were as low as $35, a good tire cost $60,” said Lynd.

A lifetime muffler could be had for $19.95.

Outgoing Chamber of Commerce President Jim I. Graves presented the ‘Outstanding Citizen’ award for 1976 to local attorney Roy S. Wingate the prior Friday night.  

The Leader published a photo of a flock of blackbirds ‘resting among the lines and girders of the Gulf States Utilities Co. substation on Front Avenue.’  The flock allegedly left their mark in the area.

JC Penney, Gibson’s, Habsco, Morrow’s, Eckerd Drugs and Orange Appliance and Automotive offered all you needed for a fine holiday gift or decorations.  1st Savings Association of Orange was ahead of the game enticing Leader readers to open a savings account now to make their 1977 Christmas all the more special.  Sirloin Stockade offered the hungry a quick lunch, in and out in 39 minutes, of chopped steak with potato and stockade toast for $1.19 with an optional salad bar for .49 extra.

Sports Editor Van Wade began chanting ‘Americas Team’ as names were read from the sports story about the Cowboys and the Eagles division title game.  Roger Staubach and Roman Gabriel were the quarterbacks. Tom Landry and Dick Vermeil were the coaches.

Editor Bob Axelson sung the praises of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission for their acquisition of the state’s first commercial brewery.  It seems Henry L. Kreische, a German immigrant, began the brewery to supply his personal needs. He opened it up for commercial production in the 1860’s and operated it until the 1880’s when iced beer began to arrive on railroad cars from St. Louis.  The brewery was destined to reopen as a tourist attraction operated by the state of Texas. Axelson praised the bold move by our fair state.

It was an appropriate note since voters had just the day before voted to allow mixed drink sales in Orange.  The Leader reported a wide margin of victory, 606 votes more for than against out of 4,016 votes cast.


We must protect the defenseless


A tragedy occurred in Orange this week and it should embolden us all to do some soul searching.  We should determine if there is any more we can do to protect the defenseless among us.

Babies, children and the elderly among us can be an easy target.  Therefore we must be vigilant.

We ought to expect our governing authorities, law enforcement professionals, the justice system, family and neighbors to band together toward that end.

Life is precious.  It should be lived in as safe and secure an environment as possible.

There is no valid argument against this notion.  Sadly, there are those who don’t get it.

This week’s tragedy is a grim reminder of our duty.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader.  You can reach him at bobby.tingle@orangeleader.com.