Newton County Sheriff’s Report 2.18.19

Published 10:45 am Monday, February 18, 2019

PRESS RELEASE — Hope everyone has had a great week. All has been good around here. Let’s see what has been going on.

We are looking for a green 45 HP John Deere tractor that was abandoned on county road 1087 in the Wiergate area. We discovered it was stolen, but someone moved it before we could recover it. Anyone get a good deal or know where there is a good deal on a 45 HP John Deere tractor? Let us know!

We got a call where a man said that someone stole 10 of his cows. Officer got there and him and the owner were able to locate the cows in the woods on the neighbor’s property. Owner was glad to get them back home.

A lady called from Dallas and advised a fool gave a group of people permission to move into her house in the Burkeville area. The fool had no authority to do so. He said it was his house. WRONG! They have moved out.

We had several calls this week about livestock on the roadway. We had two different calls about a paint horse in the Mayflower area. Check your fences every now and then. Help us out if you will.

Lots of scams going on all over the country. Please be smart. If it sounds too good to be true, hang up. We had several calls about social security people calling. They don’t do that. Again, “Be smart.”

Gotta go. Thought for the week: To keep your marriage brimming with love in the loving cup: whenever you’re wrong admit it, and whenever you’re right, shut up! Y’all have a great week. If we can help, just holler! God Bless.