Pinehurst trimming trees, avoiding Myrtle murder

Published 9:06 am Saturday, February 9, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


PINEHURST— The City of Pinehurst went the extra mile on Wednesday to show pride in an area oft forgotten.

“This is the city’s effort to show pride in the area and keep the trash cleaned up,” Pinehurst Code Enforcer Harry Vine said. “No one was maintaining the floral along here.”

Vine is also on the board for Keep Orange County Beautiful.

“They are trimming the trees so they can grow, and trimmed the hedges,” Vine said. “They will do nicely for the spring.”

One tree was too severely damaged and had to be removed.

“We want to show things are moving forward in Pinehurst,” Vine said. “One day has made a big difference.”

Vine added there was no Myrtle Murder happening here.

“The unsightliness is gone,” Vine said. “We found a notch that was clogged and prevented the proper drainage of water. A little investment pays dividends.”

The weeds, which had overtaken the notch, had prevented water from draining properly from the parking lot.