DPS urges motorists to move non-injury crashes from main traffic lanes

Published 1:18 pm Sunday, February 3, 2019

To The Leader

Did you know that a crash with minor vehicle damage and where no one is injured can be moved off the main traveled portion of the roadway?

Texas law states, “If an accident occurs on a main lane, ramp, shoulder, median or adjacent area of a freeway in a metropolitan area and each vehicle involved can be normally and safely driven, each operator shall move the operator’s vehicle as soon as possible to a designated accident investigation site, if available, a location on the frontage road, the nearest suitable cross street or other suitable location.” (Texas Transportation Code, Section 550.022)

Moving a fender bender crash where there are no injuries helps keep you safe, reduces crash-related traffic congestion and improves safety conditions for yourself and first responders.

“In light of the numerous vehicle crashes that occur in Texas and across the nation on a daily basis, we encourage motorists to move minor crashes where there are no injuries to a safe location,” said Highway Patrol Captain Michelle McDaniel. “In addition to complying with the law, moving fender bender crashes from the regular traffic flow reduces the number of secondary crashes.”

For every minute a lane is closed or blocked, the risk of a secondary crash increases significantly. Moving minor crashes where no one is injured improves the safety of everyone.