Procrastinators of the World Unite. Tomorrow

Published 7:04 pm Saturday, January 19, 2019

My biggest problem is procrastination.

At times it works well for me. In my writing, the idea of working against a time deadline that is fast approaching makes me more creative.

At times it is a horrible curse, for the simple reason that I think it is okay to procrastinate, not one, but multiple projects at the same time.

And it is not like I do not budget the time. I just like to overbook.

Take today for example. I know that Thursdays are going to be busy, That is the day I like to schedule doctors appointments.

It is also the day I like to sit down and write this column and work on items that usually do not fit in the course of my usual freelance or other writing assignments.

So let me tell you about this past Thursday and why I need to stop procrastinating,

I forgot that my wife had a court appearance in traffic court. So, I started my day with my first pot of coffee. Which soon turned into a second one.

After all, I had the time, right?

So the time is ticking away to the time for her to arrive home from work. And I still had not even started the article. Or the other freelance items.

Well, noon comes around and the wife is home wondering why I am still in my robe, shorts and not ready. Telling her that is how I was going to court did not go over well.

So fast forward a few hours ahead and I am sitting in the back of the courtroom, laptop open thinking about what to write.

I was paying more attention to what was going on than what I am supposed to be doing. After all, I have time.

Yeah, that never happened. We got home and the first thing that happens is my dog, Bernie (love him to death, but he ain’t too bright), got out.

Even worse, he immediately is hit by a SUV.

Don’t worry, he suffered a sprain and some road burns, but other than that he was still trying to get out later that day. Like I said, not too bright.

Neither am I apparently. I still felt I had time to write.

And a new day dawns, which is even more hectic. So here I am writing as fast as my little fingers will let me, trying to make the deadline.

So I have decided, the best thing to do is to write my articles in batches, quite a ways ahead so I am never in this predicament.

The moral of this that we never know what life is going to toss at us. He who waits till the eleventh hour will die at 10:59.

As far as writing ahead to be on top of things, have you heard about some break-in at some place in DC called Watergate?


Michael Cole is a syndicated columnist that when he is not writing, he is plotting global domination. You can follow him at