Trooper Pamela Thomas receives Captain’s Award

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 16, 2019

To The Leader


Trooper Pamela Thomas was recently honored with the Captain’s Award in the Beaumont District.  The award is given to a Trooper who demonstrates an eagerness to give 100% every day while making sure our roads are safe.

Trooper Thomas is a 15-year veteran of the Department and has spent her entire career in Orange County.  She believes that traffic safety is a top priority and it all begins with seatbelts and car safety seat systems. 

Trooper Thomas stated, “A seat belt is one of many safety devices that increases your likelihood of surviving a crash.  You wouldn’t go boating without a life jacket, so why would you get in a car and not wear a seat belt.”

Trooper Thomas remains enthusiastic about her job and her work ethic was acknowledged with this award.  We would like to thank Trooper Pamela Thomas for a job well done.  Congratulations.