Mayor: No treadmills in 2019

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 15, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr. would like to see the area move forward in continuing with the momentum gained in 2018.

“A new year has started. A new opportunity,” Spears said. “It is a fresh start and we can push Orange forward.”

Spears added the buzz is this is possible.

“Put God in the lead,” Spears said. “He is an awesome God. Our diversity is showing off his talent by making us different. We can work together for a common goal.”

No treadmills is more than a fresh start, it is changing the mindset of individuals.

“In 2018, we finally put on our track shoes,” Spears said. “With the new year, we make resolutions.”

Spears explained how with New Year’s resolutions such as stop eating bonbons and switch to the Keto Diet or buy a treadmill that turns into a place to store purses, jeans, or just become a spare closet.

“We do not need to let the momentum die, and return to stagnate thinking,” Spears said. “So no treadmills in 2019; let us hit the ground running and be proactive.”

To continue being proactive, Spears suggests following three ways:

  • Positive motivation
  • Encourage participation
  • Lead by example

“No ordinance can be passed or law created if the mindset of the people is not prepared for it,” Spears said. “It can’t be coached to teach a new system if people are not open to it.”

Positive motivation can help change the mindset and change the system.

“Get others involved,” Spears said. “We have to make the city transparent enough to encourage others to join and for youth groups and churches to be a part of the difference to make a change.”

To lead by example has a larger impact than the present, according to Spears.

“We keep our promises, stand by our word and integrity, it sets up the future for our children o see it is achievable,” Spears said. “It sets a foundation for them.”

The mayor added there are several positive moments and achievements in the city.

“We have to coordinate with each other, the cities and the county,” Spears said. “We had the school bond pass, and the city has a new bond to improve the quality of life in Orange.”

With more on the table, the mayor said the city is at a pivotal point.

“We are at a point of expediential growth which will have an economic impact for years,” Spears said.

Now the mayor would like to offer a challenge to the citizens.

“Push forward, stay positive and keep God first in all we do,” Spears said. “We can see results and the positive impact. We will have a better place we can all be proud of.”

Spears added this could not be accomplished alone.

“I want to thank the council, the staff and each and every employee for their hard work and dedication,” Spears said. “Without them, we could not see the improvements being made. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”