Positive Highlights: Positive State of Mind

Published 12:19 am Wednesday, January 9, 2019

By Mary Ekene

To evolve and really change requires focus and determination. It is always smart to surround yourself of things that are positive and motivational. This will enlighten your peace of mind and keep you in line.

In a society where negativity is praised and glamour, you must remember that you can be swallowed in chaos and confusion due to the media.

There are several factors in our everyday lives that can lead to depression, suicide, low self-esteem, anxiety due to the negative things people experience on an everyday basis.  That is why it is important to have positive people in your corner that are going to encourage, support, and motivate you.

If you allow negative people to fill your space, you will see their energy will drown you and lead you to a state of confusion and unhappiness.  

A person must be confident in who they are to surpass any negative temptation to feel unwanted and ignite drama.  

In this year of 2019, I want you to think about everything that ALMOST broke you in 2018.  I want you to close your eyes, count backward from 1 to 10 and tell yourself, you have survived.  Tell yourself you can achieve and overcome any negative aspect in your life by starting to love yourself.

Once you learn and know to love yourself, you will notice it will be easier, not simple, but again easier to look depression, suicide, low self-esteem, and anxiety in the face and say YOU WILL NOT TAKE OVER ME.

To be positive and to stay positive is a mindset.  It takes a strong individual with a great desire to succeed and win to challenge negativity any day.  Let us all learn not to entertain the negativity we see in the media, social media, among people, at our jobs etc. to blind us of what is important, which is to love and be positive daily.  

Make 2019 your year and season of love; sharing the truth about empowerment amongst us all. Be true, be you, be POSITIVE!

Mary Ekene/ Activist for Bring Positivity Back/Owner/CEO of Livol