LTTE: Using Facebook for attacking and negativity

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 5, 2019

The new year brings another of those true ‘but it couldn’t be true’ stories where a guest used Facebook to criticize a bride for not allowing children at the weddings. Surely on the day, it’s the bride’s day and only her day although maybe partially her partner has some minor input. A wise partner knows not to take up that option.

There are so many components of this story that would have an etiquette expert suffering a breakdown. People should respect their host’s wishes or politely decline the invitation and not blast them on Facebook. Surely the accepted standard is to look at the good parts of any event.

The underlying concern is again the use of Facebook as a medium of ‘attack’ and voicing a negative view. There is no way that Facebook is going to be able to censor this type of outburst when they are unable to prevent racism, fake news and worse.

It’s time to use Facebook for family photos, bragging about travel and maybe cat photos.


Dennis Fitzgerald
Melbourne, Australia