Mauriceville Elementary presents first Living Wax Museum

Published 3:58 pm Saturday, December 22, 2018

To The Leader


Tanya Gauthier’s multi-grade level (third, fourth, and fifth grades) enrichment class presented the first ever Mauriceville Elementary Living Wax Museum to their homeroom classes, family and staff members recently.

Students chose and researched a famous historical person in which they were interested, designed and created a backdrop for them, and dressed in full costume. Additionally, they gathered props for their presentation and wrote a biographical poem about their person.

When museum visitors pressed a buzzer, the “wax figures” came to life and told their audience about the person being portrayed. After each speech segment, students froze again until the next museum visitor pushed the buzzer. They gave their one-minute speeches 25 times. Visiting students to the museum said they learned a lot of interesting facts from their visit.

Students portraying the historical figures included fifth-graders Addison Ezernack – Sacajawea, Ashley Holmes –Laura Ingles Wilder, Audrey Heiner – J.K. Rowling; fourth graders Jaxon Daigle – museum docent, Nathan Oldbury – Henry Ford, Taylor Huckaby – Katrin Davidsdottor; and third graders AlexCourtier – George Washington and Rachel McDow – Amelia Earhart. 

According to Gauthier, this was an eight-week enrichment project addressing the curriculum dealing with literary nonfiction, or biographies.

“They were amazing,” said the longtime MVE teacher.

The students impressed Gauthier with their outstanding hard work and commitment to informing other students about important historical figures.

“They were driven and motivated to do their best in every aspect of this assignment,” she said.