All-District 12-3A Football Team; several Bobcats on elite list

Published 9:08 am Monday, December 10, 2018

Here is the All-District 12-3A Division I Football Team as selected by the 12-3A head coaches:

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Zach Martin, Woodville

OFFENSIVE MVP: Alex Connnell, Buna

DEFENSIVE MVP: Michael Lockett, Woodville

CO-NEWCOMERS OF THE YEAR: Gunner Jones, Orangefield; Dequincy Wise, Woodville

CO-LINEMAN OF THE YEAR: Drew Pancho, Woodville; Sam Neuman, East Chambers

COACH OF THE YEAR: Ty Robinson, Woodville




Quarterbacks: Kam Smith, East Chambers; Dylan Bishop, Kirbyville

Running backs: Darius White, Hardin; Ernest Cesar, East Chambers; Nolton Shelvin, East Chambers; Dimachael Brooks, Woodville; Kameron Richardson, Buna; Corenthios Hill, Anahuac

Receivers: Kordell David, East Chambers; Tyler Parker, Hardin; Tylon Cooper, Kirbyville; Hunter Wallis, Kirbyville

Tight ends: Sawyer Dearbonne, Buna; Trenton Dickey, Hardin

Centers: Kagan Childree, East Chambers; Seth Fabela, Woodville

Guards: Wade Walsh, Woodville; Tre’Shawn Thomas, Woodville; Alex Smith, Anahuac

Tackles: Cade Gary, Woodville; Jalen Caillier, Buna; Arnaldo Rodriguez, Anahuac; Collin Stanley; Warren

Kicker: Jose Chavez, East Chambers

Punter: James Burchett, Kirbyville



Nose guards: Tyrone White, East Chambers; Paul Thonsgaard, Hardin

tackles: Bryden Clifton, Woodville; Colby Gonzales, Orangefield

Ends: Jaylon Hayder, Woodville; Garrett Poole, Buna; Colton Kopeski, Hardin

Inside linebackers: Isiah Hart, East Chambers; Marcos Broom, Woodville; David Elliot, Hardin

Outside linebackers: Kobe Adams, Woodville; Heston Puckett, Orangefield

Cornerbacks: Isaiah Crawford, East Chambers; Kendall Cox, Buna; Ryleigh Wolfe, Buna; Tyrone Wilson, Anahuac

Safeties: Jayden Argumon, Woodville; Cameron Richardson, Buna; Seth Smith, Warren




Quarterbacks: Reese Shaw, Woodville; Foster Kruezer, Anahuac

Running backs: Pate Shields, Buna; Mark Rodriguez, East Chambers; Keon Chatman, Woodville; Trey Halton, Woodville; Blake Bradley, Orangefield; Teriyan Nyarib, Anahuac.

Receivers: Alejandro Lopez, East Chambers; Davin Morgan, Hardin

Tight ends: Luke Whisneant, Warren; Kemo Martin, Woodville; Cameron Hebert, Buna

Guards: Peyton Martin, East Chambers; Brett Willis, Buna; Paul Thonsgard, Hardin

Center: Jonah Landry, Orangefield

Tackles: Hayden Lara, East Chambers; Joel Sitton, Buna; Will Barrett, Hardin; Cole Edwards, Anahuac

Kicker: James Burchett, Kirbyville

Punter: Brain Wilpitz, Anahuac



Tackles: Christian Johnson, Buna; Jalen Callier, Buna

Ends: Shane Parnell, East Chambers; John Sims, Hardin

Inside linebackers: Luke Collins, East Chambers; Pate Shields, Buna; Trenton Dickey, Hardin; Cade Dye, Anahuac

Outside linebackers: Christian Simien, East Chambers; Demarcus Westbrook, Buna; Josh Hoskins, Anahuac; Luke Callaway, Warren

Cornerbacks: Austin Potez, Hardin; Cade Brown, Orangefield; Kaden Young, Woodville; Jaylan Foster, Woodville; Marcus Wayner, Woodville

Safeties: Jayce Guillory, East Chambers; JaCorey Hyden, Woodville; Chase Broussard, Orangefield