Newton County Sheriff’s Report 12.3.18

Published 11:46 am Monday, December 3, 2018

PRESS RELEASE — Hope everyone had a great week. Things were pretty good around here.
Let me start off by inviting everyone to come to Newton and take a ride on the train through the city park. Christmas lights second to none. You and the kids will love it.
A man came and reported someone stole his 3-legged dog. The dog is his family member. If anyone knows the where about of Peanut, a 3 legged brown and white
Fox terroir looking dog, please contact us. He went missing in the Bon Wier area. Any information, please call us.
A man found seven 18-wheeler new tires behind his house. Anyone knowing anything about this, please let us know. Someone wants them back.
Received a call where someone hacked into a Verizon wireless account and tried to steal money. Thank God, it didn’t work. Please remember there are people that will try to beat you out of your money. Be vigilant!
Gotta Go. Thought for the week. People who fly into a rage always made a bad landing.

Ya’ll have a great week. If we can help, just holler. God Bless.