Positive Highlights: Enjoying life while giving back

Published 9:28 pm Wednesday, November 28, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Kind, generous, funny, strong, beautiful, I could go on about this awesome young lady. When I mention Michelle Cole (Kentra) known to most, the first things you hear are, she is kind and big-hearted.  

Michelle Cole was born and raised in Orange and has a huge heart for giving.  If anyone needs anything in the community or mere support, she is there.

One of her many traits is, she is very humble.  I have known this amazing young woman for the past two years and she exemplifies humility and love in the biggest way.

Michelle Cole has been a part of the organization Make It Happen, she is involved with my organization Black Women Unite and plays a major contributor to Bianca Garret’s non- profit organization We Believe It Takes A Village.

She is currently involved with the event Cookies with Santa that involves bringing children as well as families together for the holiday season.

“I love to help people and support where I can.  I do not do anything for recognition or for glory,” Cole said.  “I just love being a blessing to people because God has blessed me.”

Aside from being a huge support system in the community, she is big on family and spends lots of value time taking trips with her family.  

“I am big on family,” Cole said. “I believe enjoy life to the fullest, do not waste it.”

Her attitude is priceless. If you are looking for an honest opinion about ANYTHING, she will give it and never apologizes for it either.  Her spirit is huge and she has become someone not only whom I respect, but love very much.

Michelle Cole, continue your positive work in the community and the City of Orange appreciates you.

Mary Ekene/ Activist for Bring Positivity Back/ Owner/CEO of Livol